Nomadness Rentals Takes on Airbnb with Brilliant Press Release

Nomadness Rentals Takes on Airbnb with Brilliant Press Release

Nomadness Rentals[1] in Mammoth Lakes recently issued a noteworthy press release outlining the struggles hundreds of professional vacation rental management companies have been experiencing[2] as a result of Airbnb’s[3] reckless push into the regulatory environment in cities and destinations around the world.

Vacation rental management companies have been working hand-in-hand with municipalities for decades to grow destination awareness, remit lodging taxes, comply with safety standards, and implement good-neighbor policies.

However, Airbnb, in its rush to legalize its home-sharing platform, has upended the regulatory environment for traditional second home vacation rentals. Consequently, this year alone, Austin and Denver city councils voted to phase in a ban for second home vacation rentals while upholding the right of primary residents to rent rooms in their homes.

And they are not alone.

The precedent being set by these city officials will take years to reverse, and Airbnb is entirely at fault for pushing the agenda of primary residents renting rooms in their homes over second-home owners renting professionally managed, licensed, tax-paying, safety-compliant whole homes.

Editor’s Note: As founder and editor of VRM Intel, I argue that Airbnb is doing so at the detriment of their own long term sustainability. I also argue that professionally managed second home rentals do not have a negative impact on affordable housing. However, denying the ability for second home owners to rent their homes as vacation rentals does have an overall negative impact on the real estate market and on tax revenues from property taxes, lodging taxes, and sales taxes from businesses and employees related to a tourism economy. 

Below is the press release, in full, from Nomadness Rentals[4]. Vacation rental managers who are facing battles with Airbnb in the marketplace might consider crafting a similar announcement in their local and state media to create awareness about the issue and differentiate professionally managed vacation rentals from unregulated room sharing.

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