Kijiji vs Happipad | A secure way to rent your room

Note: If you would like to share your home with a mature adult, Happipad offers a special housing companion program for 55+ adults. This program goes through a detailed matching process and is intended for persons wanting a long-term, mutually beneficial shared living arrangement.

Kijiji does not have any review system or option to provide feedback.

Happipad has three reviews, one for the property, and one for the host and guest respectively. Reviews are monitored by Happipad to ensure properties are satisfactory and people are at their best behaviour. Hosts and guests can build their credibility with the review system to attract more renters, or to get exclusive accesses. 

7. Background screening

Kijiji does not provide any background screening or identity verification. Users must conduct their own checks to ensure the properties and users are legitimate. 

Happipad has one of the most comprehensive screening processes in the rental industry with mandatory identity verification and background screening checks. Happipad uses a sophisticated identity verification process that compares a person’s government ID and a live selfie picture to check for fake or stolen identities. In addition, Happipad’s background checks search over 200,000 international databases for court records, sex offender lists, eviction records, negative news, fraud watch lists, terrorist watch lists, and much more. Hosts may request access to view a guests screening report prior to accepting them as a guest.  

In addition to background screening, Happipad utilizes detailed personal profiles where hosts can compare a guests lifestyle, interests, and even personality. If guests have a pet, hosts can view the details and photos of the animal.

Kijiji only serves as an advertising platform, no support is given for any rental arrangements formed using their platform.

Happipad provides support throughout your entire rental experience.  Happipad’s support will help you finalize bookings and rental contracts, ensure receipt of payment, and assist with move-in and move-out procedures. If any conflicts or problems arise during the rental period, Happipad will work with you to resolve the issue, including mediation of disputes. Happipad is a great option if you want the peace of mind of having personal support.

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