Kijiji vs Happipad | A secure way to rent your room

Happipad rental arrangements are classified as home-sharing and are not subject to the residential tenant act in most cases, providing more freedom and flexibility. Happipad provides full support during the entire rental term, including support for any disputes, conflicts, late or unpaid rent, or damages. Happipad has a minimum rental term of one month and can start/end any day of the month. All rental terms are fixed length where the renter is required to vacate, however an option is given to extend rental contracts if desired.  Happipad sets out clear rules for ending rental arrangements early if required, including a 48 hours for safety concerns, 10 days for unpaid rent, and 21 days for conflict or cause. Evictions of Happipad guests are simple and do not require court orders like typical evictions for tenants, Happipad will provide support with this process if required.

Kijiji is an open public platform with all rental postings being visible to anyone on the internet. This attracts a diverse array of people looking for rentals on Kijiji from all walks of life. You will not be able to control who will see your contact information and message you. It is a common strategy for renters on Kijiji to send dozens of inquiries to different properties, this often results in unresponsive renters as their attention has moved on. You can find good renters through Kijiji, however extra care should be taken when screening and interviewing.

Happipad is targeted towards renters who care more about safety and quality of their rental arrangement. Typical Happipad renters are mature students, young working professionals, and older adults (55+). Happipad is a closed platform meaning only registered users will be able to see your rental listing and submit rental inquiries. Hosts are able to specify if they only want male or female renters, this will only permit the selected genders to view the listing and apply. Happipad includes personal profiles and personality assessments of each person so you can easily see if you share common interests, lifestyles, or personality traits. As well, you can view renters background screening report to give you peace of mind.

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