Kijiji vs Happipad | A secure way to rent your room

If you are looking for a basic free option and are not picky about who you rent to, Kijiji will likely meet your criteria. If you are more picky about who you rent to and want the peace of mind of having background screening and support, Happipad is a great option with a modest monthly fee.

Note: In most cases, service fees incurred from renting can be claimed against your rental income for a tax break

Kijiji is a generic listing platform and includes all types of properties from entire homes to boarding houses, sublets, and room rentals, you can find virtually any type of rental on the platform. Kijiji has multiple listing categories to post your rental, and geographic regions to post your property. You must ensure you correctly select these categories or your listing may go unnoticed. Prices vary significantly on Kijiji and vary depending on market conditions.

Happipad is intended as a home-sharing or co-living platform that only offers rental options within shared homes. Rentals are done by the bedroom with access given to a kitchen, a private or shared bathroom, and access to shared common areas of the home. Prices on Happipad are generally affordable and intended for longer term stays with rent prices usually ranging from $500 to $1000 per month. All properties on Happipad go through a review process and have security checks completed on Hosts.

Note: Properties on Kijiji are not screened or vetted for quality or compliance. If you are looking to rent a place through Kijiji you should take extra precautions to ensure it is a legitimate property.

4. Rental terms and evictions

Kijiji only serves as an advertising site and provides no assurances, guarantees, or support for rental arrangements found through their website. Rental arrangements in most instances will be governed by your provincial residential tenancy laws. In the event of room rentals and roommate arrangements you may be exempted from residential tenancy and may have limited to no support available for conflicts or evictions.

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