Here’s the average cost of rent in major Canadian cities for September 2020

Once again, British Columbia and Ontario are the most expensive provinces to rent a room, or rooms, in Canada.

PadMapper’s national rent report[1] shows that Montreal is the only city outside of those two provinces to crack the top 10 for the ninth straight month.

However, Canada’s most expensive rental markets in Toronto and Vancouver continue to report a downward trajectory in prices.

Toronto’s one and two-bedroom prices are down 10% and 12%, respectively, since this time last year.

Meanwhile, Vancouver’s one-bedroom rent has fallen 9.1% and two-bedroom rent has even dropped into the double digits with a 14% year-over-year dip.

Abbotsford, Halifax and Quebec City all trended upwards in month over month prices, with Abbotsford seeing the largest jump at 5.5%.

The cities with the largest downward trends for September were Barrie, St. John’s and London, which all saw one-bedroom rental prices drop more than 3%.

“The 2 most expensive markets continued to hit record dips in prices. While Toronto one and two-bedroom rents were down 10% and 12%, respectively, since this time last year, Vancouver one and two-bedroom rents have fallen 9.1% and 14.1%, respectively. Notably, the only other city in this report that had rents down on all fronts was Montréal, though this market’s declines were much less drastic,” reads PadMapper’s report.

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