Here’s the average cost of rent in major Canadian cities for December 2020

The final PadMapper rental report of the year has arrived and little has changed in the market,

Much like the end of 2019, BC and Ontario continue to be the most expensive provinces to rent a room, or rooms, in Canada.

Montreal continues to be the only city outside of those two provinces to crack the top 10.

Vancouver has overtaken Toronto as the most expensive rental market in Canada, however, both cities have seen prices drop since this time last year.

Meanwhile, Abbotsford, Windsor, Hamilton and Halifax have all seen the price of one-bedroom units jump 5% since November.

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Alberta’s major cities managed to steer clear of the top ten, with Calgary and Edmonton ranking 17th and 21th respectively, both down multiple spots from the end of 2019.

In Calgary, one bedroom units average out at $1,110 a month, while in Edmonton the average cost of a one bedroom home is $950.

On the east coast, Halifax leads the way at 11th with one bedroom units at $1,340 and two bedroom units at $1,790.

Victoria, where one-bedroom pads cost an average of $1,630, lands fourth in the real estate report.

Abbotsford is 15th on the list, beating out cities like Winnipeg and Regina, with an average monthly rent of $1,260 for a one-bedroom unit.

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